Nawo Solution

Ergonomic analysis solution for improving your working conditions.


Our solutions

NAWO is the complete solution to detect and prevent the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Nawo Live

In-situ ergonomic analysis

Evaluate and optimize the ergonomics of your in-situ workstations.


NAWO Live is the solution to automate your ergonomic analyzes and identify the risk of MSD.

Nawo Studio

Ergonomic analysis from design

Optimize and validate your industrial projects from the design phase.

NAWO Studio is a software that allows you to conduct virtual reality design reviews and ergonomic analyzes upstream, right from the design phase of your workstations.


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What our customers think of Nawo?

Nawo Live

"Nawo Live gives us the opportunity to map the risk of our workstations with a common method in record time! We have divided our ergonomic study times by 3 and our HSE managers can now tackle the most important: improvement of our working conditions!"


Group HSE Director

Nawo Studio

"An easy-to-use solution! We spend 100% of our industrial projects in validation with Nawo StudioWe can now visualize our projects on a real scale in Virtual Reality, test and validate our design quickly with a simple and factual ergonomic approach!"


Industrial Investment Director

Complete solution to improve the ergonomics of your workstations