Automated ergonomics

How it works ?


Workstation analysis

Save workstation activity with Nawo Live

Ergonomic analysis

Workstation activity is automatically converted into ergonomic indicators

MSD Risks

Nawo Live automatically identifies the risk of the workstation: MSD, duration of exposure, effort etc.

The mapping of risk

Analyze your workstations quickly. Nawo Live shows you the most difficult workstations requiring improvement actions.


NAWO Studio

Ergonomics from design

How it works?


File import

Import your 3D designs simply into Nawo Studio.

The design review

Visualize at 1:1 scale your future workstations to validate the design.

Workstation optimization

Test, modify, validate. Nawo Studio brings you all the tools for the most adapted ergonomics.

Ergonomic analysis

Simulate the work to validate the ergonomics of your position with ergonomic analysis in real time.