Nawo Studio

Industrial design review solution through virtual simulation.


Nawo Studio

NAWO Studio is a virtual reality design review software solution to validate your industrial projects.

 NAWO Studio allows you to visualize your projects on a scale of 1: 1 and to conduct ergonomic analyzes upstream, from the design phase. 

Nawo Studio

Validate your workstations the first time!

Test, modify and validate your workstations simply with Nawo Studio


Virtual Reality

Motion capture

Predictive Avatars

Deep Learning

Design Review

3D CAD import

Visualization at 1:1 scale

Design tools

Editing the workstation in real time


Real-time ergonomic indicators

Identification of effort and duration of exposure

Customization of ergonomic ratings (RULA, NIOSH, SUMER etc.)

Validation of the project

Employee involvement

Anticipation of dysfunctions

Do it right the first time

Validate the design of workstations and optimize their ergonomics

Prevent the risk of MSD

Anticipate dysfunctions by the implication of your collaborators


Digital model

Import your 3D design files in a few clicks. NAWO Studio supports most standard CAD file formats.

Immersion & Interaction

Visualize your design at 1:1 scale with the immersive Virtual Reality system. NAWO Studio allows you to interact with the digital model to validate the optimal scenario for the safety of your employees.

Ergonomic analysis

NAWO Studio enables ergonomic analysis right from the design stage. Using motion capture technology, conduct ergonomic analyzes of your future production tool to anticipate the risk of developing MSD.


Test, modify, validate! NAWO Studio allows you to add 3D elements to your digital model to test facilities solutions, modify them at will in real time to make your workstation ergonomic and validate easily your industrial projects.


86% of companies report an improvement in productivity after having implemented quality of life actions at work.

Source Ameli 2016


What our customers think of Nawo Studio?

"An easy-to-use solution! We spend 100% of our industrial projects in validation with Nawo Studio. We can now visualize our projects on a real scale in Virtual Reality, test and validate our design quickly with a simple and factual ergonomic approach!"


Industrial Investment Director